Referrals can be made by either ‘phone or fax by yourself or your patient.
Contact details are available both on the Homepage and the Contact page.

Referral letters need not necessarily contain a lot of detail,
but the broad purpose of the referral and any relevant information about risk is always helpful.

Rapid Access:

After discussions with a number of General Practitioners who lamented the time taken to get a patient in to see a psychiatrist, the structure of this practice was changed. It has now been structured to sequester half a day per week, at least, for new referrals.
Thus you can be reassured that your patients will be seen in a timely manner.

Fee Structure:

The fee structure is based on those recommended by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).
Most people in the practice pay the full fee, with the Medicare rebate.
However, in some circumstances, reduced fees can be negotiated.
Also for patients whose means are limited to the extent that they cannot afford any fee, there is the possibility of a single bulk billed assessment under Item 291. This is provided as a service to General Practitioners to obtain a thorough psychiatric assessment and recommended management plan.

Injury, Rehabilitation and Reports

I see patients for Defence, where I am a registered medical provider, Department of Veterans Affairs, Work Cover Queensland and Comcare.
I also see patients for Legal Practices and Insurance Companies.
I provide Treating Specialist Reports and Independent Medical Examination reports where requested and with the consent of the patient.